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Commercial Truckers illegally

using mobile devices-

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's recent report shows mobile use by 18-wheeler drivers is trending up.

Studies show some 18-wheeler truckers are disobeying a law which became effective in January 2012 that limits their use of mobile devices while driving.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's 2015 Report revealed an increase in the number of deaths and injury related collisions involving commercial truckers who were found to be using mobile devices. 

Federal regulations that became effective January 3, 2012 narrowly limit use by commercial truckers  of mobile devices while driving.  But commercial truckers are boldly violating the regulation resulting in an increased loss of life.

The Federal law specifically prohibits "use of a hand-held mobile telephone", meaning:

  • Using at least one hand to hold a mobile phone to make a call;
  • Dialing a mobile phone by pressing more than one single button; or
  • Reaching for a mobile phone in a manner that requires the drive to maneuver so that he or she is no longer in a seating driving position, restrained by a seat belt.

Some commercial truckers are apparently violating the regulation, resulting in an increased loss off life, an increase in injuries and property damage.  So far, statistics released by the NTSB show the regulation, by itself, is ineffective in achieving its stated goal and purpose.